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Town Health Officer

The Town Health Officer is a 3-year term appointed by the Vermont Department of Health Commissioner upon the recommendation of the Selectboard.

Fred Messer

Town Health Officer


The Town Health Officer is responsible for investigating possible public health hazards and risks within the Town of Waitsfield, taking action to prevent, remove or destroy any such hazards, taking action to mitigate significant public health risks and enforcing health laws, rules and permit conditions.

General duties of the Town Health Officer include:

  • Receive information or complaints regarding conditions that could represent a public health hazard;
  • Conduct investigations into complaint conditions;
  • Prevent, remove or destroy public health risks;
  • Enforce provisions of state and local health codes, regulations and orders;
  • Report any violation or public health hazards regulated by the Vermont Department of Health.

For more information about Town Health Officers, visit the Vermont Department of Health Web site.