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Tree Board & Warden

Tree Board

Members & Terms

  • Charlie Hosford — March 2025
  • Vince Gauthier — March 2026

About the Tree Board

The Tree Board is a Town-appointed advisory group that plans and carries out activities related to planting, maintaining, protecting and removing trees within the public street and road rights-of-way, and in our public parks and cemeteries. The Board’s projects include applying for and implementing tree planting and maintenance grants, carrying out tree inventories, monitoring tree pests such as the Emerald Ash Borer, and educating the public about the benefits of trees. The Board meets occasionally to fulfill this mission.

Tree Warden

A tree warden is the appointed individual in each Vermont community responsible for making determinations about the care and stewardship of shade trees in public ways and places. Municipal shade trees include those trees planted by the municipality in downtowns and village centers or on other municipally-owned land, and trees on public property or in public right-of-ways that have been designated as shade trees. State law in Vermont, as in all New England states, requires the legislative body of each municipality to appoint a tree warden.

Tree Warden: Vacant