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ARPA Advisory Committee

The Waitsfield ARPA Advisory Committee was tasked with collecting ideas from the community about how Waitsfield might consider spending ~$150,000 of its total $506,081.79 in American Rescue Plan Act funding. Upon collecting project ideas and requests, the Committee prioritized projects and made a recommendation to the Selectboard about how the funds should be spent. Projects were found to have met the Treasury’s ARPA requirements for spending as outlined in the State and Fiscal Recovery Fund’s Final Rule, as well as the priorities identified by the committee at the outset of the project.

ARPA Committee Members

  • Chris Badger (shared seat)
  • Charlie Goodman, Vice Chair
  • Jordan Gonda (Selectboard alternate)
  • Jon Jamieson
  • Leo Laferriere
  • Joel Rhodes (shared seat)
  • Mac Rood, Chair
  • Christine Sullivan (Selectboard primary representative)
  • Brian Voigt (Planning Commission representative)