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Fire Department & Fire Warden

Emergency Number: Dial 9-1-1

The Waitsfield-Fayston Volunteer Fire Department (WFVFD) provides service to both Waitsfield and Fayston and maintains a mutual assistance agreement with other nearby fire departments. The WFVFD is made up of volunteers. The Town of Waitsfield and Town of Fayston both pay a share of the annual operating and capital costs of the department, with Waitsfield paying a 60% share and Fayston paying 40%. This 60/40 split was historically determined by the approximate percentage of responses within each town over the years.

Fire Department Contacts

  • Fire Chief: Tripp Johnson
  • Assistant Chief: Craig Snell
  • Secretary: Shannon Young

Fire Warden & Burn Permits

A burn permit from the Fire Warden is required at least one day in advance of any planned burning.

The Fire Warden is appointed by the Vermont Commissioner of Forests, Parks and Recreation, with the approval of the Selectboard.

Fire Warden Contact

Jared Young

Fire Warden

Safe Burning Steps

  1. Obtain a burn permit from the Fire Warden.
  2. Anyone seeking a burn permit should make the request at least one day in advance.
  3. A burn permit does not relieve the person to whom it is granted from any liability related to the fire or any damages it may cause.
  4. The person setting the fire must at all times have sufficient help and tools present to control the fire.
  5. Only natural wood material may be burned under the burn permit. Other materials burned require an Air Pollution permit as well as a burn permit. More information is ​​​​​​​a​​​​​​​v​​​​​​​a​​​​​​​i​​​​​​​l​​​​​​​a​​​​​​​b​​​​​​​l​​​​​​​e​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​f​​​​​​​r​​​​​​​o​​​​​​​m​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​t​​​​​​​h​​​​​​​e​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​V​​​​​​​e​​​​​​​r​​​​​​​m​​​​​​​o​​​​​​​n​​​​​​​t​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​D​​​​​​​e​​​​​​​partment of Environmental Conservation​​​​​​​.
  6. The fire must not be left unattended until it is entirely extinguished.
  7. Restricted materials cannot be used to ignite natural wood materials.
  8. The Fire Warden may attach conditions to the issuance of burn permit. Any conditions not followed will invalidate the permit and may result in a fine for each day of the violation.
  9. If you do not understand the law or have questions, contact the Fire Warden.